Does sex make you hungry?
— Praying Mantis
Parallax Mantis.png

Rawrrr Women?

Gender roles and the idea of ‘natural’ sexual behaviour are constructs created by humans which often hinder the acceptance of sexual diversity.

What better way to challenge social taboo than to look to the animal kingdom: proof that a whole range of sexual behaviours and preferences are ‘natural.’

So let’s redefine preconceptions of relationships and sexual identity and most importantly... Celebrate Rawrrr Women!

I can’t get enough of it.
How about you?
— Bonobo
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The wisdom
of animals

In the animal kingdom, sex is about more than making babies. It strengthens bonds. It reduces conflict.  It creates girl power. And sometimes, binary is simply boring.


Do you like to
‘try before you buy’?
— Bottlenose Dolphin
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