Patriarchy isn’t natural

In human society, when, how and with whom women have sex is strictly regulated. Only certain behaviours or preferences are tolerated, with those women who step outside this accpeted behavious often being stigmatised and discriminated against. 

By contrast, the animal kingdom is home to a huge range of sexual behaviours, showing there’s nothing natural about the strictly defined sexual roles expected of women in our society. Celebrate Rawrrr women and their freedom to express themselves sexually.


What kind of animal are you?




I am a
man eater

The female praying mantis devours her mate after sex, but no-one really knows why. Perhaps she’s hungry. Perhaps it just makes life simpler.



I don't
a man 

Komodo females don’t need men to make babies. Depending on their environment, they can reproduce both sexually and asexually fertilising their own eggs through a process called parthenogenesis – living proof that virgin birth is possible.

Animal inspiration Komodo.png
Animal inspiration Dolphin.png

I like to

During their gestation periods female bottlenose dolphins mate with multiple partners to ensure the best possible match. Research has also found that females often mate with males outside of their estrous cycles. They have sex because they like it, not because they want babies.




Female hyenas are the only mammalian females to copulate, urinate, and give birth through a penile-like canal. It's even possible for females to achieve erections. 

Animal inspiration hyena.png
Animal inspiration Bonobo.png

I like

Boy on girl, girl on girl, boy on boy, older or younger, everyone is beautiful to our immediate ancestors. Bonobos not only enjoy sex, they also use it to kiss and make up after a fight.